Where God goes we go…Pastor Justin (Australia)

NUMBERS 9:15-22

Num 9:15 The day The Dwelling was set up, the Cloud covered The Dwelling of the Tent of Testimony. From sunset until daybreak it was over The Dwelling. It looked like fire.
Num 9:16 It was like that all the time, the Cloud over The Dwelling and at night looking like fire.
Num 9:17 When the Cloud lifted above the Tent, the People of Israel marched out; and when the Cloud descended the people camped.
Num 9:18 The People of Israel marched at GOD’s command and they camped at his command. As long as the Cloud was over The Dwelling, they camped.
Num 9:19 Even when the Cloud hovered over The Dwelling for many days, they honored GOD’s command and wouldn’t march.
Num 9:20 They stayed in camp, obedient to GOD’s command, as long as the Cloud was over The Dwelling, but the moment GOD issued orders they marched.
Num 9:21 If the Cloud stayed only from sunset to daybreak and then lifted at daybreak, they marched. Night or day, it made no difference–when the Cloud lifted, they marched.
Num 9:22 It made no difference whether the Cloud hovered over The Dwelling for two days or a month or a year, as long as the Cloud was there, they were there. And when the Cloud went up, they got up and marched.

Reading this verse impacts me greatly. Here we see a group of people that had a dependancy on God. Nothing else mattered to them. The cares of the world around them did not affect them. They were in a state of worship. They were in awe of the cloud of glory that was over them. How I would have loved to have been there. To see something as majestic and holy as that cloud protecting them, no money or possession could replace. What impacts me on a level that pierces my soul is their willingness to follow God or stay for as long as needed. It is something that we have forgotten over the years.

The glory of God covered the people. And as soon as that cloud started to move, the people packed up all their belongings and went with that cloud. They wanted to remain in that atmosphere of security and worship. While they were there under that glory nothing could have harmed them. They were secure and warm. The bible says that at night the cloud was like fire. And whenever the cloud of glory moved they moved with it.

Don’t stay in yesterdays glory, God moves on

The people moved wherever the cloud went. It did not matter how long the cloud stayed there. They stayed until they saw it move. This was the attitude of the people of Israel, that God was the most important in their lives.

God has to come first in our lives in all things

The cloud of glory never stayed for a set time. Some times it stayed for months and even years, but other times it stopped for one day. Yet the people kept being led and moving with it. This is something that we need to learn for today. We can’t rely on past meetings to carry us forward. God does something for a time and a season then moves on.

We need to be excited for what God will do, and not criticise when we change direction.

We are so quick to label someone unstable or undecided about decisions the church takes, but yet we fail to realise that if it is led by God’s Spirit, it will never conform to what we feel or think. Today we can get so annoyed with church leaders for making decisions what we “feel” are wrong. And many people pick up their stuff and leave and look for another place to “worship”. And they go and speak bad about the leaders. I sometimes wonder if some of the people under that cloud of glory felt the same. Would they have dared speak against that weight of glory that was over them?

If a church changes direction that you don’t agree with, don’t criticise..pray!!

Too many churches today are living in yesterdays glory. They develop an attitude that just because they had a God moment in 2000 then that means the same thing will happen in 2010. This is not true. God moves, we need to move with Him. The glory of God is a heavy weight. It is something that cannot be explained nor controlled. God knows where He needs to go and where He needs to be. We as a people under His glory need to be responsive to that.

In summary to this. We His church need to be submissive to His leading. Jesus promised us that he would send us His Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us. That glory that fell upon the people of Israel is the same glory that we need to be following. God through His spirit will lead us to that place

2Co 4:6 It started when God said, “Light up the darkness!” and our lives filled up with light as we saw and understood God in the face of Christ, all bright and beautiful.
2Co 4:7 If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives. That’s to prevent anyone from confusing God’s incomparable power with us.

Ps Justin Robinson

Perth! Best city in the world!

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